Clear Coffee, the World's First Colourless Coffee Drink

Worry about coffee stains no more.

1 week Ago · Joe Reeve · 2345 Views

Clear Coffee, or CLR CFF, is a new coffee drink which looks just like regular water, but is in fact full of fresh coffee and caffeine. The company say its "the first colourless coffee drink in the world", and it mysteriously says on its website that the drink is made "by methods which have never been used before".

The ingredients list doesn’t give too much away either. The drink simply contains water, coffee and caffeine. It was created by David and Adam Nagy and is being pushed as an alternative for coffee lovers who are worried about having coffee stained teeth.

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We’re don't think we’re too worried about having coffee stained teeth to the extent that we’ll swap it out for a new colourless alternative, but I guess the option is now there if we ever do feel the need.

Clear Coffee is available now at Selfridges and Whole Foods in the UK, or you can order direct from the Clear Coffee website for two bottles at 5.99 or five bottles for 14.99.

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