Nintendo Rumoured to be Releasing a Mini SNES in Time for Christmas

  • Posted 14 months Ago

In November of last year Nintendo released a miniaturised version of its classic NES console, dubbed the Nintendo Classic Mini. It was extremely popular, sold out immediately, and is now going for huge sums over on eBay.

Strangely Nintendo recently discontinued the Classic Mini, telling IGN it never expected it to be "an ongoing, long-term product".

But now, rumours are circulating that Nintendo are in fact working on a mini version of the SNES. IGN say the console is in development already and will hopefully be arriving in time for a Holiday 2017 release.

If the rumours are true and you like the idea of owning a miniature SNES, be sure snap one up as soon as they arrive or you might end up disappointed like with the Nintendo Classic Mini.

Photo: Nintendo