Watch the Trailer for New Netflix Series "The Keepers"

The new Making A Murderer?

  • · Posted 11 months Ago
  •  BY Joe Reeve

Netflix has just shared a trailer for new original series The Keepers. It’s a crime documentary which looks very much in line with the mystery and intrigue which made Making A Murderer such a hit.

The series focusses on Sister Cathy, a Baltimore nun whose murder fifty years ago is still unsolved. The trailer reveals the case is connected with sexual abuse in the church together with a huge cover up. It ends with the ominous lines: "this goes bigger and deeper than we could imagine - the story is not the nuns killing, the story is the cover up of the nuns story".

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Directed by Ryan White, the full series will be available on Netflix from 19 May. Take a look at the trailer above!

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