IKEA Responds to Balenciaga's $2k Tote Bag

  • Posted 12 months Ago

You may have recently seen that high-end fashion brand Balenciaga decided to rip-off IKEA's famous bright blue shopping bag, creating an incredibly similar version and slapping a $2,145 USD price tag on it. Yep, that's $2,144.01 more expensive than the original one you can pick up at any IKEA store.

Obviously, the internet found this hilarious, taking to Twitter to share the news, and now the Swedish furniture giant has weighed in to the conversation.

The above ad, which appears on IKEA's website, was apparently created for the brand by their Swedish agency ACNE. It instructs customers on how to distinguish between IKEA's original bag and Balenciaga's fake. "Shake it. If it rustles, it's the real deal," reads step one.

"I wanted to act fast, so we contacted our client the day after and I said, 'We'll have creative work ready within two hours.'," said ACNE creative director Johan Holgrem. "I like the flirt. And I thought, 'Why not flirt back?' And we did."


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