Sadiq Khan Scraps Controversial Garden Bridge Project

  • Posted 13 months Ago

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced that he's putting an end to the controversial garden bridge project, which was estimated to cost around 200m, up from the initial 60m proposal.

The bridge was championed by Joanna Lumley, Boris Johnson and George Osborne but was seen as hugely unnecessary by critics, especially as it was looking like the taxpayer would have to fill a funding gap as large as 70m.

Imagine the Instagram potential... Image: Thomas-Heatherwick Designs

"The funding gap is now at over 70m and it appears unlikely that the trust will succeed in raising the private funds required for the project," said the mayor. "I am simply not prepared to risk a situation where the taxpayer has to step in and contribute significant additional amounts to ensure the project is completed."

Khan does not directly have the power to scrap the project on his own, although his withdrawal of the public guarantees means it will most likely not go ahead.

Designed by Thomas Heatherwick, the bridge would have stretched over the Thames from Temple to South Bank. It was going to be planted with up to 270 trees and thousands of other plants, but after facing multiple protests and fierce local opposition, the project was massively delayed and costs quickly rose. According to Labour MP Margaret Hodge, 37.4m of public funds have already been spent without any building work taking place.

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Images: Thomas-Heatherwick Designs

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