Music Video Monday

  • Posted 12 months Ago

Another week has flown by and it was once again full of new music videos for us to peruse. We’ve picked out six of our favourites which we haven’t already shared on HUH. to highlight for you here.

See below for new videos from alt-J featuring a cute mouse and Iggy Pop, Superorganism featuring lots of found footage, Nilfer Yanya featuring a windy housing estate, Marika Hackman featuring creepy talking bellies, W. H. Lung featuring an empty swimming pool, and Honeyblood featuring lots of blood, naturally. (there is also quite a lot of blood in the alt-J cute mouse video, not from the mouse though thankfully, the mouse has a great time).

Take a look and enjoy all of them below!

alt-J - "In Cold Blood"
Directed by Caspar Balslev

Superorganism - "It's All Good"
Directed by Superorganism

Nilfer Yanya - "Golden Cage"
Directed by Molly Daniel & Patrick Chamberlain

Marika Hackman - "My Lover Cindy"
Directed by Sam Bailey

W. H. Lung - "Nothing Is (Live)"
Director unknown

Honeyblood - "Walking At Midnight"
Directed by James Copeman

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