Instagram Is Testing a New "Archive" Feature

  • Posted 12 months Ago

Remember all of those overly-filtered pictures you used to post when Instagram was in its infancy? Well, the Facebook-owned tech company has realised a lot of its users no longer want these pictures to show on their profile, but they don't necessarily want to completely erase them either. That's why it's starting to test a new "Archive" section that allows you to perfectly curate your profile without having to erase anything.

The feature was spotted by some users yesterday and apparently works through the "…" button at the top right of your photo. Once clicked, you'll be shown an "Archive" option alongside the usual "Edit", "Share" options.

Once archived, the posts are put into their own section, which can be accessed by clicking a new icon (see top image) at the top right of your profile page.

Only a selection of Instagram users currently have the Archive option, but it's believed to be rolling out to a wider audience in the next few weeks.

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