Prynt Pocket Turns Your iPhone Into a Polaroid Camera

  • Posted 10 months Ago

In a world where over 80 million photos are shared on Instagram every single day, there's something nice about a physical print out. Something we can hold onto, put in a photo album, and revisit every few months or years.

That's where Prynt Pocket comes in - it's a small device which attaches to your smartphone, turning it into a Polaroid-esque instant camera. What's more, you'll still have the digital version saved on your phone.

To make everything feel more analog, the device also features a physical shutter button and a wheel to help you zoom in and out. It can hold 10 sheets of inkless sticker film at a time, with each pack of film costing $19.99 for a 40-pack.

The Prynt Pocket is available now in the US for $149.99 and should be available in the UK shortly.

Speaking of Instagram, they've just introduced a new "Archive" feature.