How To Make SpongeBob's Krabby Patties

  • Posted 11 months Ago

Having already made Homer Simpson's Moon Waffle's and some of the best creations from Bob's Burgers, YouTube series Binging with Babish has now moved on to the world famous Crabby Patties from SpongeBob.

"The Krusty Krab has been serving up its signature krabby patty to the denizens of Bikini Bottom since 1999," read the caption of the video. "While perennial Employee of the Month Spongebob Squarepants has mastered the delicate art of the krabby patty, few on the top side of the sea have gotten to taste the best-seller. Babish comes through with his own, decidedly less wet, recipe for all of us air-breathers."

Watch above!

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