A "Fun House" immersive experience could be coming to London

  • Posted 11 months Ago

Remember "Fun House" - that children's TV show hosted by Pat Sharp back in the 90s? Well, a real-life version of it could be coming to London.

An IndieGoGo campaign has been launched by some mega fans of the show, hoping to raise enough money (apparently that's 650,000) in order to create an immersive "Fun House" experience right here in the capital. The campaign it even being supported by Pat Sharp himself, who will host the revival alongside the Fun House twins for any backers who are willing to cough up 2000 or more.

"You can make the dream of being a part of FunHouse a reality and help to re-run the fun for REAL! Pledge the support in exchange for tickets and perks and re-connect with your inner child. Immerse yourself in warm nostalgic memories and help to #BringBackFunHouse," reads the page.

At the time of writing, the campaign has received just over 6,500 campaigns (ie. 1% of what's needed), but there's still a month to go.

You can back the initiative from as little as 10 (which will get you a plastic ball signed by Pat Sharp). Head over to the IndieGogo here.

Image: A Fun House visualisation via. the IndieGoGo page