Apple's iPhone 8 will reportedly have wireless charging

  • Posted 11 months Ago

Looking to up their game and make some significant changes to the design and performance of the iPhone, Apple will apparently be introducing wireless charging to the upcoming iPhone 8 (which might be called the iPhone X).

The news has been shared by the CEO of Wistron, an Indian manufacturer for Apple. Speaking to reporters, the CEO, Robert Hwang, said the next generation of iPhones will include "new features like waterproof and wireless charging."

A few other leaks have also indicated the new device will indeed have wireless charging. Back in April, a schematic displayed a large pad on the iPhone, the exact shape of a wireless charging antenna, although the legitimacy of the schematic is questionable.

Of course, Apple is incredibly secretive when it comes to new releases so we won't know anything for sure until at least September. Maybe even later, as production delays have been reported.