Listen: Superorganism - Nobody Cares

  • Posted 11 months Ago

The now London-based 8 piece group Superorgansim have shared a new track called "Nobody Cares". It follows the release of the addictive "Something For Your M.I.N.D" (which unfortunately no longer exists due to an uncleared sample) and the recent single "It’s All Good".

Like their previous tracks, it's a woozy odd ball electronic number featuring understated vocals from Japanese vocalist Orono. Take a listen to it above and also read a statement from Orono about the track below!

"Some people might have a negative connotation with the phrase "nobody cares," but others may perceive it as a positive outlook on life in a crowded city like London or Tokyo; it doesn't matter whether you're a crazy street preacher telling everyone they're going to hell, a moustachioed vape master on a unicycle, skipping about in a pink leotard, drunk guy telling a brick wall all about his problem, a flock of spandex mums pushing stroller, guy bbqing chicken on the side of the road in a rasta beanie... nobody cares!

I think we were able to cleverly combine these two perspectives on people "not caring" because of my experience going to high school in a small town in Maine and my band mates' experiences of living in the big city of London. Working on the bridge was fun; we made it over-the-top and highly explosive in order to seamlessly bind all the craziness of the track together".

Superorganism play their debut show at London’s Village Underground on 5 October.