IKEA unveils "Easy Recipe Series" book to encourage creativity in the kitchen

  • Posted 10 months Ago

When it comes to cooking, it can be pretty difficult to take a step into the unknown and be a little more creative, especially after a long day at work when all you want to do is consume a solid amount of relatively-well-prepared calories in a risk-free manner.

Well, to help us push our culinary prowess, IKEA has unveiled the "Easy Recipe Series" - a book of recipes created in the same style as their flatpack furniture instructions. To make things even easier, the recipes have been printed on cooking parchment paper with food safe ink and each ingredient has been illustrated in the exact proportions you need for the recipe, so you don't need to bring out the scales.

The book is currently available across select locations in Canada, but hopefully will be released at all their stores across the world soon.

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