Kiss The Past Hello, Larry Clark

  • Posted 96 months Ago

American photographer Larry Clark was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the midst of World War II. At the early age of 13, Larry was enrolled into the family business, helping his mother photograph babies, pets and young children on elaborately designed sets. During his teen years, injecting amphetamines became a frequent pastime among his circle of friends, and Larry would always carry a camera, obsessively documenting his unusual surroundings. Years later, in 1971, the infamous book Tulsa was published by Lustrum Press, revealing unspoken truths about parts of the lower middle classes of America; whose realities were becoming more and more bleak injection by injection.

To mark the occasion of Clark's latest exhibition with the Musee d'Art Moderne in Paris, his representative galleries ? Luhring Augustine and the Simon Lee Gallery ? have teamed up to produce Kiss the Past Hello; a 64-page soft cover book containing a retrospective selection from the artist's vast archive. The book is encased by a glossed card box which, as well as the book itself, contains a reference guide with essays from art world giants like Fabrice Hergott, Thea Westreich and Dominique Baque, as well as an interview with Clark by Mike Kelley. As if all that wasn't enough, they have also thrown in a poster from his 2007 release, Los Angeles.

To get your hands on Kiss the Past Hello, visit the Simon Lee Gallery's web-store for orders to be shipped to Europe. Orders from the U.S. should head over to the Luhring Augustine web-store.