Amazon plans massive delivery drone "beehives"

As part of its ongoing mission to take over the world and automate everything, Amazon has just filed a new patent for huge beehive-style buildings where their little delivery drones can pick up packages and go to sleep at night.

The futuristic "beehives" (sorry, "multi-level fulfillment centers for unmanned aerial vehicles") could potentially be situated in every major city, allowing for ultra-fast automated delivery times.

Image: Part of Amazon's patent application for beehive-style drone delivery centres

In the patent application, Amazon notes that its current warehouses need to be on the outskirts of urban areas due to their large footprint, but these beehives could be right at the heart of cities because they can be built vertically, rather than horizontally. The height will also allow drones to easily access each floor without getting too close to pedestrians at street level. Other safety measure include multiple sets of rotors and motors on each drone, so that if one fails and the drone starts to fall out of the sky another one can just takeover.

The patent also made sure to include some humans loading up the drones by hand, so no need for everyone to panic about losing their jobs... yet.

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