Google makes more money from ads than every newspaper, magazine and radio network combined

  • Posted 9 months Ago

According to a new article on Inc., Google brings home more money from advertising than every single newspaper, magazine, and radio network in the world combined.

That equates to a reported $80.8 billion in advertising revenue - an absolutely staggering figure that's quite hard for us to wrap our minds around. In fact, just to contextualise it a little, Inc. worked out that it equates to roughly $11.54 from every single person on Earth and is more than the GDP of most countries, making Google untouchable in the ad world. The only company that even comes close to this figure is Facebook, which brings in $36.3 billion a year. Combined, these dominant players account for 83% of all advertising spend worldwide, leaving companies like Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Snapchat to eat up the scraps.

So, that record breaking €2.4 billion fine it just received from the EU? That equates to just 0.42 percent of Google's total value. We think they'll deal with it just fine.

Photo: Pexels

Source: Inc.