Koda House - A tiny prefab home that costs just 150,000

An Estonian design collective called Kodasema has just launched a new prefabricated home which could potentially shake up the UK's housing industry. Priced at just 150,000, the tiny 25-square-metre micro home doesn't need foundations and can be easily moved back-and-forth on the back of a truck.

Even better, the Koda house's 150,000 price tag includes planning costs, delivery, site preparation, installation and connection to basic utilities such as water, sewage, and electricity (there's also solar panels on the roof). If you already own a home, Kodasema also suggest it's ideal to be used as an office, workshop, or summer house.

Photo: The main living space of the 25-square-metre home

"The simple yet effective design could help alleviate the pressures of the housing crisis on local authorities, providing temporary homes or workspaces on empty sites," said Kodasema's John O'Brien. "This trend of short-term use of derelict land, which can be left untouched for years, even during the planning stages, is becoming more common, especially in London […] KODA would provide a cost-effective option to house those on the waiting list for affordable accommodation or offer temporary rental apartments for young professionals, students and those looking to downsize."

The Koda house is due for release in 2018.

Photo: The bathroom

Photo: The sleeping area, which is located in an upper mezzanine space

Photo: The contemporary outside