Washed Out talks us through the artists who contributed to his visual album "Mister Mellow"

Featuring Ruffmercy, Daniel Brereton, Parallel Teeth and more.

  • · Posted 7 months Ago
  •  BY Joe Reeve

Washed Out aka Ernest Greene released his fantastic new album Mister Mellow last week (30 June), it came complete with visual accompaniments for each of the tracks created by a whole host of incredible artists, animators and directors.

Fascinated by the varied styles on display, we asked Ernest to pick out a piece of art by each of the contributors that we could share with you here. He has delivered a smorgasbord of their work which includes animation, claymation, comics and video.

All of Ernest’s selections come together with his praise and the reasons for getting them involved in the project. Take a look at them below, and if you haven’t seen it yet, watch the full Mister Mellow visual album here.

Winston Hacking
I’m a big fan of cutout collage - but often times it has the same cliched look (think obvious combinations of vintage National Geographic magazines). But Winston’s style is quite unique and surreal - and always has a great sense of humor.

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Ruffmercy is a magician. It’s kind of insane how prolific and fast he is putting together these really intricate and insane videos. He’s probably most well known for his Basquiat inspired, painterly looking videos. However, I love the stuff he does “sampling” video content - where he pushes the content to the absolute limit.

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Drew Tyndell
Drew has a really amazingly fluid, hand-drawn animation style. I think the video he contributed to the project probably best represents some of the feelings I was trying to describe in the songs. He makes it look so easy too!

Jonathan Hodgson
Jonathan has had a long career as an experimental animator - and I was really into a video he did back in the 90’s called “Feeling My Way”. It presented a really impressionistic view of the world that felt perfect for my project. It also had this amazing lofi sensibility.

Daniel Brereton
Daniel has made a lot of great music videos over the years, but it was his comics that I really fell in love with. The self-deprecating tone was very similar to what I was trying to with the record, so I was very excited that he was willing to contribute.

Sophia Bennett Holmes
Sophia’s videos are all really different - but they share an amazing DIY feel that is really charming. Again, that was what I was hoping to capture with the album. Impressionism was super important and that’s what Sophia does best.

Parallel Teeth
PT has such a playful and fun style. He contributed a really short video for the album - but he did a lot of great videos for the WO live show that are really amazing. He can do a lot of different things well - but the amazing part is that they always feel very much inside his own personal style.

Braulio Amado
Braulio is an amazing graphic designer and the kind of creative that is frustratingly prolific. I’m not sure if he ever sleeps because there is a constant stream of amazing content flowing out all of the time. So jealous haha.

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