ARTIFOX unveils a beautiful walnut standing desk

There are countless benefits to standing desks - including reducing the risk of both heart disease and cancer - but many of us have still been reluctant to make the switch. Helping to make the decision a little easier, minimal design company ARTIFOX has just released a new version of its original standing desk, aptly named the STANDING DESK 02.

Designed to perfectly blend into any space, the desk has been made from walnut and steel for lasting durability and features a built-in dock, cable grid, and compatibility with a range of ARTIFOX accessories. If you're still not ready to stand all day long, you can pair it with a counter-height stool to easily move between sitting and standing positions.

Health benefits of standing desks including reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer

That said, the price is a little prohibitive at $1390 USD (approx. 1080) but given the benefits, we believe it's well worth the investment.

Take a closer look on the ARTIFOX website.

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