Chance the Rapper is working on a way to save Soundcloud

  • Posted 8 months Ago

By any standards, SoundcloudTechCrunch (which has been disputed by Soundcloud), only has enough money to last another 80 days.

With that said, despite not currently being financially success, Soundcloud has been critical to the success of countless musicians - even the now chart-topping DJ Khaled took some time to thank the service for giving him "an outlet to become creative". "Who knows where I’d be without you," he added. It makes sense then that these musicians would want to do what they can to help out Soundcloud, and it appears Chance the Rapper is doing exactly that, mysteriously tweeting "I’m working on the SoundCloud thing", which immediately sparked rumours of a buy-out.

Chance has had a strong relationship with Soundcloud - releasing his Coloring Book album on the platform for free and even thanking the company during his Grammy Award acceptance speech - so it could be a good pairing. Stay tuned for details.