KFC just dropped a complete clothing collection and it's actually pretty good

Show your love for fried chicken.

  • · Posted 8 months Ago
  •  BY Jack Lowe

Mega fan of KFC? Why not show your love for the fried chicken aficionados by wearing some of their merch.

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An entire apparel collection has been launched under the KFC Ltd. name and, to be honest, it's actually pretty nice. Highlights include a "Fried Chicken USA" sweatshirt, "Kentucky Fried Enamel Pins" (which have unfortunately, but understandably, already sold out) and a vintage-style t-shirt.

Got $20,000 just sitting around with nothing to spend it on? Well then you'll have to opt for the "Zinger Meteorite" - a chicken sandwich which has actually been carved out of a real piece of space rock.

Check out the full collection here, there's even a full lookbook!

Photos: KFC

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