Watch James Franco as Tommy Wiseau in the debut teaser trailer for "The Disaster Artist"

  • Posted 10 months Ago

The Room is widely regarded as one of the worst films ever made. It’s so bad, that it has actually gained a cult following since its release back in 2003, with the eccentric director/writer/star Tommy Wiseau at the heart of it all.

Now a new film based on the book by Wiseau’s co-star Greg Sestero, The Disaster Artist, will look into the lead up of the movie being made as well as the the actual shoot itself.

It stars James Franco as Wiseau, Dave Franco as Sestero, and Seth Rogen as Sandy Schklair, the incredibly frustrated script supervisor.

Watch the debut teaser trailer for it above! It recreates the filming of one of The Rooms’ most famous scenes - "Oh, Hi Mark".

The Disaster Artist is out 1 December 2017.