Music Video: Mount Kimbie - Blue Train Lines ft. King Krule

  • Posted 8 months Ago

Mount Kimbie have shared a new music video for their latest King Krule collaboration "Blue Train Lines".

Directed by Raf Fellner and Tegen Williams, the video is a "fictional recreation of two Anthropologists" which shows a dizzying mix of still imagery and lots of text from boxes of files and projectors.

Explaining the concept of the video, the directors said via press release:

"The Blue Train Lines video is a fictional re-creation of two Anthropologists (Robert. F. H and Theodora. K played by Raf. F and Tegen. W) who have been called in by the authorities to study a man they seem to believe is the last of the Yahi of California.

Upon stumbling into civilisation in 1910 the man unknowingly became the life’s work and obsession of a pair of human scientists who housed and cared for him while they studied his every move.

However, the story takes a turn when the pair fall out and one of them tries to sell all his belongings on eBay. Luckily, the buyer, who goes by the name 'Frank. L', acquires all of the wild man's things, only to reinvest them back into further studies in a tale exploring the lines between student, teacher, collaborator, scientist, historian and friend. Rest in peace Ishi."

Mount Kimbie’s new album Love What Survives is out 8 September.