London-based denim brand I AND ME launches "To Die For" collection

"To Die For" is the third collection from the London-based denim brand I AND ME, further defining the company's three main focusses; fabric, function, and form.

Inspired by artists Christo and Jeanne Claude, who create giant installations in the landscape using vast swathes of fabric, the range neatly tows the line between utilitarian and contemporary design with a clean colour palette of army green, white, sand, and indigo.

"The work of land artists Christo and Jeanne Claude inspired us to explore the use of fabric in landscapes as a means of installation," say I AND ME. "As shelter and as camouflage. Moreover, as uniform. The collection embraces the methods employed in military wear to optimise every inch of fabric in the construction of garments, but moreover, the placement and execution of every feature."

I AND ME's "To Die For" collection is available now online.

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