Noomi Rapace plays seven identical sisters in Netflix's "What Happened to Monday?"

  • Posted 8 months Ago

Netflix has shared the first trailer for a new feature-length thriller starring The Girl with Dragon Tattoo actor Noomi Rapace.

Titled What Happened to Monday?, the film follows seven identical sisters (all played by Rapace) who live in a not-so-distant future where it is illegal to have more than one child. The sisters secretly survive in the world by each going outside just one day of the week while all assuming the same identity - Karen Settman. They are all named after the day they are allowed to go outside, and their way of survival becomes under threat as one day, Monday does not come home.

Willem Dafoe also stars as the sisters’ grandfather, alongside Glenn Close who is the head of the "Child Allocation Bureau".

What Happened to Monday? is out exclusively on Netflix on 18 August.

Take a look at the trailer above!