Uniqlo is launching an apparel vending machine for travellers

Japanese retailer Uniqlo has announced that it's launching clothing vending machines to help kit out travellers in US airports and shopping centres.

Named "Uniqlo To Go", the machines will currently only contain two items from the brand - the thermal heat-tech t-shirt ($14.90), and the lightweight down jacket ($69.90) - both of which can be condensed down and easily stored inside the small machine. They're also both items often needed by travellers in a rush. Customers will be able to use a touchscreen to choose which item they want before choosing the colour and size they need. The item is then dispensed in a small box or can.

Uniqlo plans to have the machines at 10 different airports and shopping centres, the first of which will be installed at Oakland International Airport.

Photo: Uniqlo

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