Aziz Ansari talks about having more money than he ever imagined

  • Posted 8 months Ago

When it comes to work and business, it's not often that someone will make a ton of cash and then simply sit back and enjoy life. They usually keep on working regardless, but Aziz Ansari says that now he has more money than he "ever imagined", he doesn't want to keep churning out television series simply for the sake of it.

"I was talking to a friend of mine the other day. We both have more money than we ever imagined. And I was like, Can you imagine if someone called us a few years ago and said, 'All right, you're going to have this much money when you're this age. What are you gonna do with it?' You would say all sorts of fantastical things, right? No one would say, Oh, I would figure out how to make more money and keep working all the time," he said when speaking to GQ. "I don't need to make more stuff. I've made a lot of stuff! I'm financially okay. I'm not gonna make stuff just for the sake of making stuff. I want to make stuff 'cause I'm inspired. Right now I don't really feel inspired."

He added that he needs a little bit of time to refill his notebook, travelling to places like Japan, France, and Italy to find inspiration (and enjoy life). "I hope more people get very successful and then quit," he says. "Shouldn't that be the game? That you make a bunch of money and just move to Italy and live a quiet life?"

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Source: GQ
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