King Krule teases new music with video for Spanish poem

  • Posted 7 months Ago

Last week, lucky fans of King Krule received a mysterious poster in the mail containing a Spanish poem and a photo of Archy Marshall sitting at a table having a drink and a smoke together with a dog.

This had many speculating new music was imminent, and his latest teaser is sure to fuel those rumours even more. He’s shared a short film on Facebook titled "Bermondsey Bosom" featuring new music in the background of someone performing the Spanish poem. It’s directed by Reuben Bastienne-Lewis, who also helped-out on the artwork for King Krule’s debut album 6 Feet Beneath The Moon.

Take a look at it above and read a translation of the poem below.

"Slipping into filth, lonely but surrounded.
A new place to drown, 6 feet beneath the moon.
He arose a blood sucker, painting black and blue objects
with projections of himself. It was always about himself.
He jerks inside,
his guts twist,
sits in the Big Smoke
and thinks of her....
Me and you against this city of parasites,
Parasite Paradise
Parasite Paradise"

Hopefully a follow-up to 6 Feet Beneath The Moon is coming soon…