I AND ME explore the work of London's Listen Studio

  • Posted 9 months Ago

I AND ME has just launched a new collaborative series titled #IANDMEstories exploring the work of its favourite creatives. First up is Joel Muggleton’s Listen Studio, who recently collaborated with the brand for a set of concrete resin vessels in the "One Thing Well" collection.

Listen Studio work on small-run and one-off commissioned furniture, lighting and interiors projects, working out of a small studio in The Oval just off the top of Hackney Road. The space is surrounded by a mix of architects, graphic designers, product designers and artists, but as Joel says "not in a floaty Bauhaus type vision."

The studio’s website documents a beautiful, brutalist and refined collection of work, ranging from office furniture and shelving, to concrete display units and huge column lamps. Joel often uses concrete in his work, a material which he says is "something that makes up an increasing amount of our environment, because of this it becomes ever more familiar. We are seemingly warming to it as a society, one that once considered it cold and insensitive."

Take a look at the short film at the top of the page to see Joel at work at the studio and head over to I AND ME’s website to keep an eye out for more #IANDMEstories.