Girl Skateboards and Kodak have collaborated on a short 8mm film and collection

  • Posted 9 months Ago

Girl Skateboards has just unveiled a collaboration with iconic camera and film brand Kodak. The collaboration takes the form of a short 8mm film, as well as a range of skateboard decks, wheels, and apparel.

In the film, which is shot with Kodak's new Super8 camera, we follow the Girl skate team on the road as they travel from Seattle to San Francisco. Members include Andrew Brophy, Cory Kennedy, Sean Malto, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Rick McCrank, Simon Bannerot and Tyler “Manchild” Pacheco.

Check out the film above and peek the collection below, which is available now at select skate shops worldwide. You can use the Girl Skateboards store locator to find a store near you.