V&A acquires Jeremy Corbyn bootleg t-shirt for new exhibition

The Corbyn x Nike swoosh t-shirt is making fashion history.

  • · Posted 6 months Ago
  •  BY Joe Reeve

The Nike swoosh x Jeremy Corbyn bootleg t-shirt by Bristol Street Wear was very popular during the 2017 general election campaign. Jeremy Corbyn himself was photographed numerous times with supporters wearing it, and it’s now set to go down in fashion history. London’s V&A museum has accquired the t-shirt for a new collection charting political influence on design trends.

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Bristol Street Wear spoke to The Guardian about the shirt, saying: "It’s great to see the typically dismissed art form, ‘bootlegs’, given pride of place at the V&A. This T-shirt spoke to so many people. It was immediate, it was fun, it started debates, it was censored and it even got us into trouble – everything good art should."

Check out more from Bristol Street Wear over on their store.

Photos: Victoria & Albert Museum, London

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