Mitchell and Webb say Peep Show could return

A new series from the duo, Back, is also debuting this week.

  • · Posted 6 months Ago
  •  BY Jack Lowe

After nine seasons and a total of 54 episodes, Robert Webb and David Mitchell decided to call Peep Show quits, feeling they'd exhausted the possibilities for Jez and Mark.

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Now, however, while speaking to NME, the comedy duo have unveiled that they'd be up for rebooting the series in 10 years time, so catch up with much older versions of the characters.

"When it ended, Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong and Rob (Webb) and I agreed that we would be up for doing a return to those characters in 10 or more years time," said Mitchell. “I think it would be a different show. I think we would give it a different name but I’d certainly love to work with Sam and Jesse again and I think they would be interested to write those characters again but basically at the other end of their lives when they’re 50 odd or even older."

"In its perfect form, it is over," said Webb. "I know that all four of us have said that we’re keeping the door on the latch for a return when Mark and Jeremy are much older and I mean seriously older otherwise it’s just a tired reboot."

The pair are currently working with Peep Show writer Simon Blackwell for a new show on Channel 4 called Back, which follows Stephen (played by Mitchell) as he's forced to take over a pub when his father passes away.

Back debuts on Channel 4 tomorrow (6 September, 2017) at 10pm.

Photo: Channel 4

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Source: NME