No one's using Facebook Stories, so the company's taking a new approach

  • Posted 6 months Ago

You've probably noticed that ever since Facebook introduced its new Facebook Stories feature (essentially a like-for-like duplicate of Instagram Stories) pretty much no one has used it. In fact, taking a quick look, it appears only six of my friends have ever tried it out and currently it's just a series of rather sad looking greyed out profile photo circles.

Facebook is, of course, well aware of this, so it's trying to give it a much needed boost by tying it in directly with Instagram. According to Mashable, some Instagram users are seeing an option to simultaneously share their Story to Facebook as well as to Instagram. On Facebook, they'll appear as normal apart from a small "Instagram" label beneath the user's name to denote where it was originally shared. The company has also confirmed that stories are coming to the desktop version of Facebook too.

This appears to be just a test for now, so it may not ever roll out to all users, but it's interesting to see that Facebook are trying out some new techniques to drive engagement with the feature.

Image via Facebook