Netflix unveils a series of Stranger Things posters inspired by classic '80s movies

  • Posted 8 months Ago

In the lead up to its return next month, Netflix has released a series of retro posters for Stranger Things that are directly inspired by some classic posters from the '80s.

Each of the posters have been shared through the official Stranger Things Twitter account under the hashtag #StrangerThursdays, tying each episode to a different film and featuring taglines like "In the Upside Down, no one can hear you scream".

While speaking to Rolling Stone, the show's creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, reveals that their concept was actually rejected "15 to 20 times by various networks". Luckily for Netflix, who ended up bank rolling it, it's been so successful they've already given a third season the green light.

Check out the posters below and see if you can guess the original movie for each. Stranger Things Season 2 returns on 27 October.

Top: Inspired by Firestarter

Above: Inspired by Alien

Above: Inspired by The Evil Dead

Above: Inspired by Jaws

Above: Inspired by The Running Man

Above: Inspired by A Nightmare on Elm Street

Above: Inspired by Stand by Me