Instagram might be changing to a 4x4 grid layout

Have you been carefully curating your profile for years, making sure that each row of 3 looks neat and perfect? Or, even worse, are you one of those accounts that only posts in 3 x3 grids? Well, prepare to have your world upended. Instagram looks set to change its layout to a 4x4 grid.

While the change appears to currently be in the testing phases, it's believed it will be rolling out to all users in the near future.

"It’s been over a year that I’ve been formatting my Instagram in a multiple of three posts. I play with the overall look of my profile," said user Palash Prabhaker while speaking to The Ringer. "I regard my Instagram as a digital representation of me, I use my account as my digital portfolio. Messing with the grid view would mean that I will have to curate my Instagram again from the start with a constant fear of Instagram changing the layout again."

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