Watch the first trailer for bake-off mockumentary "Cook Off!"

Starring Melissa McCarthy.

  • · Posted 5 months Ago
  •  BY Joe Reeve

Cook Off! starring Melissa McCarthy was made in 2007 and then unfortunately shelved, but the film has just been picked up by a new studio; Lionsgate Movies. It's finally getting a release a decade after it was made, with it expected in cinemas on 17 November.

The timing for Cook Off! is actually pretty good, it's a bake-off mockumentary in the style of Best in Show, and with programmes like The Great British Bake Off being incredibly popular right now, poking a little fun at the process of competitive baking should go down a treat.

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The film stars Melissa McCarthy as one of the manic contestants of the Van Rookle Farms Cooking Contest, with support and improv coming from the likes of Ben Falcone, Stephen Root, Diedrich Bader, Wendy McLendon-Covey, Gary Anthony Williams, and Sam Pancake.

Take a look at the trailer above!

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