Getty Images is banning photos of models with retouched weight

  • Posted 6 months Ago

Getty Images has announced it's banning images that have been Photoshopped to make models look substantially thinner or larger. However, "changes made to models like a change of hair color, nose shape, retouching of skin or blemishes" will remain acceptable.

"Our perceptions of what is possible are often shaped by what we see," said Getty Images to Dazed. "Positive imagery can have direct impact on fighting stereotypes, creating tolerance, and empowering communities to feel represented in society."

The change coincides with new laws in France which require magazine publishers to disclose whether or not a model's body shape has been retouched. It will also require fashion houses to employ runway models sized 34 (UK 4) or higher and models will need to obtain a medical note from their doctors verifying that they are not dangerously underweight.

The new Getty Images requirements will come into effect for all images submitted from 1 October, 2017.

Source: Getty
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