Radiohead collaborator Stanley Donwood curates the new issue of Monster Children Magazine

  • Posted 8 months Ago

English artist Stanley Donwood (aka Dan Rickwood) is the guest curator for the new issue of Monster Children Magazine. Renowned for his work with Radiohead, Donwood has created 8 album covers for the band, including The Bends, OK Computer, In Rainbows, and last year’s A Moon Shaped Pool.

The magazine features pieces on his Radiohead albums covers, literature excerpts from his favourite books, a spotlight on director Chris Hopewell (who created the incredible stop-motion animation for "Burn The Witch"), and work from political art collective kennardphillipps.

Thom Yorke gave a heartfelt quote for the magazine which is as follows: "The publisher of this magazine wishes me to vouch for the guest editor of this magazine who is a friend of mine in order to utilize whatever celebrity kudos the writer of this quote, i.e., me, has left in order to advance the sales of this magazine. This has been duly done now in the form of this quote."

The magazine is being issued as a special boxset limited to 500 copies worldwide. The set includes a moleskine and a hat featuring Stanley Donwood’s Radiohead 'Angry Bear' logo, a 7" vinyl of sounds of the English countryside, custom pin badges, a sticker set, and a copy of Monster Children issue 56.

You can order the boxset here or a copy of the magazine here. Check out some shots of it below.

Photos: Monster Children