A first look at the Google Home Mini and Max smart speakers

  • Posted 6 months Ago

Just a week after Amazon unveiled a plethora of new Alexa products, Google has introduced some new additions to its own smart speaker range - the Google Home Mini and Google Home Max.

As you'd expect from the name, the Google Home Mini is a smaller version of the Google Home. Pitched as being both durable and light, the Mini comes in three colourways (charcoal, coral and chalk), features 360-degree sound, and has a long-reaching microphone that can pick your voice out of an impressive amount of background noise.

The Google Home Max, meanwhile, has the same features as the Mini but has been designed to fill your room with sound, auto-tuning to the space its in as well as the track that's currently playing. It also features Bluetooth and comes with an AUX port.

The Home Mini is due for release on 19 October for 49/$49 while the Home Max will only be available in the US to begin (pre-orders from 13 November) with and will have a price tag of $399. Check out the videos below.

Above: Google Home Mini

Above: Google Home Max