Music Video Monday

Music Video Monday time is here. We’ve got six new videos to show you and they come from Yaeji, Stormzy, Bullion, Reptaliens, U.S. Girls, and Tove Lo.

The videos feature (amongst other things) an oversized blazer, news on Stormzy’s new album, some goofy dancing, a dude sitting on the toilet covered in toilet roll, swearing, and sex with a puppet. So lots to enjoy. Take a look below!

Yaeji - "Drink I'm Sippin On"
Directed by Anthony Sylvester

Stormzy - "4PM In London"
Directed by Kaylum Dennis

Bullion - "Blue Pedro"
Directed by Business Company

Reptaliens - "If You Want"
Directed by Nesto

U.S. Girls - "Mad As Hell"
Directed by Emily Pelstring & Meg Remy

Tove Lo - "Disco Tits"
Directed by Tim Erem

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