Music Video: Dave - Question Time

  • Posted 7 months Ago

Dave has shared a video for a new track titled "Question Time". It’s taken from his just announced Game Over EP and it’s a 7-minute epic with a beat inspired by Devlin, James Blake and The Weeknd.

To say the lyrics for the track are politically charged would be an understatement. Dave goes in hard rapping about Theresa May, the NHS, Brexit, Grenfell Tower, David Cameron and even Donald Trump. He also has words for Jeremy Corbyn, albeit in a slightly more optimistic light, saying "Honestly, I wanna put my trust in you", but he’s definitely still not convinced as he asks "Do you really have the faith of your party? / Do you really have faith in the party that will come with you? / And how do you plan on keeping all the promises?".

Watch and enjoy above! I’m looking forward to the day when Dave gets invited onto BBC’s Question Time for real, I think he’d be incredible on it.

Game Over EP is out 3 November.

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