IKEA to start selling through third-party online retailers

  • Posted 5 months Ago

IKEA is to start testing selling its products via third-party online retailers for the very first time. The experiment will begin next year, and although no retailers have been announced, online giants Amazon and Alibaba are rumoured to be two stores who will be stocking the famous flatpack furniture.

Torbjrn Lf, chief executive of Inter IKEA, spoke to the Financial Times about the move, saying it is "the biggest development in how consumers meet IKEA since the concept was founded. We want to learn ... we want to find out how we could keep our identity on a third-party platform."

Currently with 403 stores in 49 countries around the world, IKEA could be set to become a whole lot more accessible if these online trials are a success.

IKEA recently launched an augmented reality app. Check it out here.

Source: BBC
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