This is the world's fastest camera slider

  • Posted 7 months Ago

YouTuber Daniel DeArco has created what he claims to be the "world’s fastest camera slider", capable of sliding 5-feet in just 0.15 seconds. Why would you want to create such a gadget? Well, it's perfect for DeArco is also an action videographer, so it works perfectly for propelling the viewer through slow-motion action scenes.

"I shoot a lot of movement and action, and wanted to shoot high speed, WITH the camera in high speed––since you can't fake gravity," says DeArco. "My goal was to achieve a similar effect to what you see in, "The Matrix", when Neo is dodging bullets. I also wanted to just have the camera change perspectives instantly without faking the zoom effect in post."

The slider can transport small cameras like the GoPro HERO6 or an iPhone and, while it's still in the prototype stages, DeArco says he plans to do more with the design. Check it out above.

Find Daniel DeArco on YouTube.

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