California will allow self-driving cars without humans inside from 2018

  • Posted 5 months Ago

It's been announced that, starting next year, California will allow autonomous vehicles to drive on its roads without the need for a human to be sitting behind the wheel. The cars will also not require steering wheels, foot pedals or mirrors.

With so many tech companies based in the state, California is already a hotbed for self-driving vehicle testing. According to official figures, there are already 42 different companies including giants like Google, Uber and Tesla) testing a total of 285 autonomous vehicles in the area. Currently, almost 1,000 safety drivers are licensed to test those cars, but once the new rules go into effect in 2018 these members of staff will no longer be required for testing.

It's worth noting that self-driving trucks (or any autonomous vehicle weighing over 10,000 lbs) will still require a human behind the wheel.

Currently, most companies are testing cars which could be considered Level 3 autonomous, which means they still require some human intervention, but the technology is advancing at a tremendous pace and it's expected large gains will be made in the next 12 months.