adidas Speedfactory begins a new era in footwear crafting

  • Posted 7 months Ago

adidas' groundbreaking Speedfactory is now up and running, and it has just launched the AM4 project (AM4 standing for adidas Made For), a series of shoes individually designed and manufactured specifically for six key cities around the world - London, Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai. The first shoe to be released is for London, it’s called the AM4LDN.

The AM4LDN was designed in collaboration with a group of running influencers who frequent the inner city routes of London for street running. Their insight has helped create a high-performance running shoe which is made for the conditions and inspired by the culture of the city of London.

It features BOOST technology, a floating torsion bar to provide flexibility and patch placement to ensure balance of stability, and an extra grippy outsole to help cope with slippery conditions caused by the all too frequent London rain.

Photo: HUH.

The colours reflect London too, with it being predominately grey together with flashes of blue that reflect against light to give added visibility when running at night.

Created at the adidas Speedfactory, the AM4LDN is the first major release from adidas’ hyper-flexible shoe factory. The factory is set to provide unmatched precision enabled through advanced digital manufacturing with the ability to be placed anywhere in the world.

Photo: adidas

At a Speedfactory installation in Shoreditch, London to coincide with the release of AM4LDN, the factory’s impressive technology and futuristic capabilities were on display. Consumers were invited to share information with adidas in order to co-create and collaborate with the brand. Individual facescans, footscans, and test runs are used to capture data which can inform the design, fit, and performance of a future shoe. It will enable adidas to put the latest innovations into the hands of consumers faster and more effectively than current industry standards.

This forward-thinking technology all builds to a future where adidas can connect to consumers to offer personalised tailoring, something only elite athletes currently enjoy. The production times are still a way off for that to happen, but the technology is there, and the ability for consumers to collaborate with adidas combined with the innovations of the Speedfactory means a better product will ultimately be available to everyone.

Photo: HUH.

The AM4LDN shoe is available now from and the adidas Oxford Street store.

The AM4PAR, the shoe created for Paris, will be out on 26 October. Launches of the shoe in Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, and Shanghai will follow in 2018.