Music Video: Julia Jacklin - Cold Caller

  • Posted 7 months Ago

Julia Jacklin has got a new video out for her excellent single "Cold Caller" (which featured a few weeks ago on the HUH. Playlist).

Directed by Jacklin herself together with Sam Brumby, it features Julia showing off some of her best moves at her hometown dance studio. Speaking about the clip, she said via press release:

"Over my 5 years of dancing training I accumulated about 4 dance moves, which have all been utilised in this clip. You could say it all started here in this dance studio in my hometown Springwood where beginning at the age of 11, I laboured and then learned that I was not going to be a professional dancer. Nevertheless for those 5 years I did my best; tap danced at a casino in a high vis one-piece to ‘Working Class Man’, waved my arms repeatedly around at an event held in a McDonalds car park to Enya’s ‘Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)’, crammed my pre-pubescent body into silver hot pants for Pink’s “Get this Party Started”. It’s still my favourite thing to do, and this song is about something worrying but also something incredibly joyful and all I could think to do to express that was to dance."

Take a look at it above!

The "Eastwick" / "Cold Caller" 7" is out now.