Netflix ends House of Cards amid Kevin Spacey allegations

  • Posted 7 months Ago

Just a day after Kevin Spacey was accused of trying to seduce a 14-year-old boy in 1986, Netflix has announced that it will be ending popular series House of Cards, in which Spacey played the lead role. Five seasons of the series have aired on Netflix so far and the sixth is currently being filmed.

Netflix said it was "deeply troubled" by the allegations, which were made by Star Trek: Discovery and Rent actor Anthony Rapp. Speaking to Buzzfeed News, Rapp said Spacey (then 26) invited him to his apartment for a party. Later in the evening, he says Spacey picked him up "placed him on his bed, and climbed on top of him, making a sexual advance".

Spacey has since issued an apology for the encounter, which he says he does not remember, although he has been heavily criticised for combining the apology with an announcement that he's now living "as a gay man". Gay rights activists say such as move has been harmful to the LGBT community.

Actor Zachary Quinto wrote: "It is deeply sad and troubling that this is how Kevin Spacey has chosen to come out. Not by standing up as a point of pride… but as a calculated manipulation to deflect attention from the very serious accusation."

House of Cards Season 6 is due for release around June 2018.

Photo: Wikipedia