London's "Boris Bikes" have got a redesign

  • Posted 7 months Ago

The bikes used for London’s cycle hire scheme, aka "Boris Bikes" or more officially "Santander Cycles", have just got a redesign.

First introduced in 2010 and named after then mayor Boris Johnson, the bikes have now got a very welcome update with a whole range of new features and upgrades.

They include:

  • Accelerometer and Bluetooth to reduce maintenance costs
  • Brighter lights, even in the daytime, thanks to a new 180 degree system designed by Blaze
  • A new rear light that gets brighter when you brake
  • Smaller wheels for faster acceleration from a standing start
  • Puncture prevention with an Aramid belt and internal puncture protection layer
  • Lower bottom bracket and easier step-through height makes for a more comfortable ride for smaller cyclists
  • Tougher mudguards that provide better protection in the rain
  • A comfier gel saddle
  • One handed seat clamp so it’s easier to adjust the saddle height
  • Upgraded Shimano brakes for better stopping performance
  • The bikes will be available on London streets from November and can hired from 2 a day.

    Along with the redesign, Tfl has also announced that seven new docking stations for up to 200 bikes are to be installed in and around Brixton this winter.

    Photo: Tfl