Björk shares new mix featuring Kelela, Kelly Lee Owens, Arca and more

Made for Mixmag’s new cover story.

  • · Posted 2 months Ago
  •  BY Joe Reeve

Björk’s new album Utopia arrives in just over a week's time, and promoting the record she’s on the cover of Mixmag’s December issue. As a part of the story, she has shared a brand new 47-minute mix.

Available to listen to now on SoundCloud, the mix features the likes of Kelela, Kelly Lee Owens, Arca, Steve Reich and Serpentwithfeet, as well as lots of birdsong and flute music.

Check the tracklist and have a listen below, and also see a note from Björk shared along with the mix.

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"dearestest music-lovers ! here is a little set for you . it is most definitely flute and air themed and perhaps reveals the sonic environment my ears were in last year . i thank all the musicians . kindness , björk."

Björk Mixmag Cover Mix
1. Carl Stone - Shing Kee
2. Caroline Shaw - Partita II Sarabande
3. Steve Reich - Vermount counterpoint
4. David Lang - Death Speaks
5. Philippe Hurel - Loops For Solo Flute
6. Anastassis Philippakopoulus - Song For Bass Flute
7. Sarah Hopkins - Kindred Spirits
8. Arca - Anoche
9. Bjðrk - Losss (Flute Intro)
10. Tenores di Bitti - Cantu a Ballu Seriu
11. Mesharyalaradah - Tafakarto
12. Duchegerm - Augmented Flute Live
13. Serpentwithfeet - Four Ethers
14. Mala - Kotos
15. Lanark Artefax - Virtual Bodies
16. Lanark Artefax - Glasz
17. Russian Wind Instrument - Smiryonushka
18. Ravoi - Bak, Borai
19. Rian Treanor - Pattern A1
20. Kelly Lee Owens - Anxi ft. Jenny Hval
21. Loft - Funemployed
22. Peder Mannerfelt - Limits To Growth
23. SD Laika - Sanpaku Island
24. SD Laika - Latent Fish
25. Master Sriram Roshan (Kanchana 2) - Moda Moda
26. Aby Ngana Diop Ndadje
27. Rules - Heat 2
28. Emptyset (Roly Porter Version) - Function Vulgar Display Of Power
29. SD Laika - Dreadful John
30. Oxhy - Burning Tories
31. Kelela - Take Me Apart
32. David Lang - Child lV. Sweet Air
33. Various birdsong samples by Jean C.Roche from Oiseaux De Venezuela
34. Various songs from Sacred Flute Music From New Guinea
35. Various birdsong from Iceland

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Source: Mixmag
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