Jai & A. K. Paul's "Paul Institute" shares two new releases

New music from Fabiana Palladino and Ruthven, featuring Jai Paul and A. K. Paul.

  • · Posted 2 months Ago
  •  BY Joe Reeve

The ever elusive Jai Paul and his brother A. K. Paul launched the Paul Institute back in March 2016, and following the release of A. K. Paul’s brilliant single "Landcrusin'", everything has gone a bit quiet.

Last week though, Jai and A. K. were pictured in Property Week as they had secured a building for the Paul Institute to house a "growing collective of musicians, artists, and technologists". Although that was pretty exciting if somewhat what bizarre news about the producer brothers, there was still no new music.

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Today though (17 November), if you had signed up to the Paul Institute when it launched, you would have received a text message announcing two new releases are now available!

Those two new releases are: Fabiana Palladino with "Mystery", a track written with Jai Paul and produced by Jai Paul, and Ruthven with "Evil", a track written with Anup Paul.

Head over to paul.institute to listen to both releases now and find more about the artists.

* Update *
Both tracks are now available to stream via Spotify. Take a listen below.

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